Basic steps of Origami action

1.Fold Origami

Be creative. You can make any origami using any kinds of paper.
Reference: You can see some diagrams of traditional origami on the website of Japan Origami Academic Society.(

Ministry of Environment Japan, Movie Channel

You can watch videos that show how to make origami. (The instruction is in Japanese.)

Papillon Origami Japanese)
Origami of the month

2.Write your target for 2020

Write your target or message to whoever you want (yourself, friends, family, the world, etc.) on your origami. Write anything and anywhere as you like. Explore your thoughts from familiar things to global affairs.

3.Send your photos

Send your photo of origami with your message through our website (

4.Get connected!

Please get connected with us!

5.Learn more about Biodiversity

Please visit the following site for reference
– United Nations Decade on Biodiversity:
-The Convention on Biological Diversity:
-The International Union for Conservation of Nature:

origami project steps